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Experience Live Teaching Seamlessly with Integrated Zoom

Teach effortlessly online using our secure and user-friendly interface. Enjoy enhanced communication with ease, making online teaching a breeze.




Seamlessly integration with Payment Gateway & ECS

Our platform offers seamless fee collection through online payment and Automated Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) functionality. Easily manage fees and transactions while ensuring a convenient and efficient experience for both educational institutions and students







Efficient Online Assessment Tracking and Progress Reporting

Efficiently track student progress and analyze their strengths and areas for improvement. Our platform provides insightful reports to help educators and parents guide students towards academic success.


We Ideate the Best Innovations for Educational Institutions

Live Lectures

Integrated with ZOOM for scheduling. No need to share id/password with professors and other staff members.

Online Practice Test

Conduct online practice test for
JEE Mains | JEE Advance | BITS | MHCET | NEET pattern

Online Assignment

Provides you with a platform to assign assignments to students and review once students submit back.

Performance Tracking

Track students' performance at individual student level with intuitive reports and charts.

Video & Digital Library

Record all your lectures and make them available to your students to view whenever they want.

Student CRM System

Maintain all your student/parent interactions in the Class Matrix CRM System to track student/parent queries.

Integrated SMS Gateway

Our highly robust integrated SMS system allows you to send SMSes quickly and easily, whenever you want.

Staff Management

Manage your staff Attendance, Payroll and Access Entitlement with staff login facility.

Fee Management

Manage students' fees online, which ensures transparency with parents. Generate fee reports on demand.

Enquiry Tracking

Manage your enquiries more efficiently with Class Matrix. Track conversion ratio and hassle-free follow-ups.

Mobile App

Easy access to Schedule, Results and Notices with automated Real-time notification.

Notice Board

Class Matrix Notice Board provides on-demand notification to Students & Professors.

Real-Time Notifications

Class Matrix provides you with Real-Time Notification for Schedules and Notices.

Bio-Metric Integration

Integrate your biometric device with Class Matrix to automated Student & Staff attendance.

Any-time Anywhere Access

Cloud hosting makes it easy to access from anywhere, on any device, without any restriction.

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Jayesh Mamtora,  CEO-Science Section  - Arihant Academy PVT LTD

When it comes to managing all the Activities of Coaching class at one go, the only name that comes to my mind is Class Matrix.
Overall solution for coaching classes day to day requirements like, Attendance, Online and Offline exams, Exam Score, Detailed score analysis, Fees Management, CRM, Employee's daily reporting and professors performance, etc....

Everything is just at a click of a button. 
On top of it, Class Matrix Team is very receptive and easily available for any new inputs or customization as per classes requirements. 

You tell them the most impossible thing to be incorporated into the portal , they will say : Yes will be done. Let it be the most difficult task like conducting the online live interactive lectures to be integrated on the portal with full security, it is already been done. I think this is the first platform of the type to provide all such options.

Great going, Class Matrix. Keep the good work on and on...

We are very proud to have your services in Arihant Academy PVT LTD from last three years and looking forward for long lasting services in future.

Thanks and Regards 


The Science Private's Hub

When the COVID pandemic struck, Classmatrix app was the saviour. Classmatrix enabled a smooth transition from offline mode of teaching to online.

Dedicated support, open to new ideas and quick digital implementation are some of the key points which is helping our institute to execute complete coaching program virtually.

User friendly interface and info-graphics are even helping parents to track the performance of their child.

Thanks and Regards 

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